Author James Parker


Frequently Asked Questions

It begins with being married to a strong woman and it ends with having a daughter that I adore. I only want the best for them. I never want them to miss out on their dreams because they are women. I want them to have opportunity, because I know that if they do, they will make the most of that opportunity. When I write my women characters, I think of them, and I smile while I am writing. They’re the consummate role models for what strong and capable women should be. That makes writing about and creating other great women role models easy. I’m beyond grateful for that.
In a way this book has always been written. At least in my head. I have thought about it for years, and played out all the various scenarios and done the research I needed to do to better understand it. What I have learned is that some occurrences are just unable to be explained. They are truly mysterious. In fact, we might not want to know the answer because it opens a door to something else darker and even more ominous.

The book suggests that even very smart people are stumped sometimes by what they are seeing. But it also suggests that even in the darkest of times that should terrify us, there is hope for something better. That’s a powerful thing…
It bothers me that over the past few decades the people who are serving God or serving us- pastors, priests, policemen, etc.- have been portrayed as shifty, untrustworthy or downright evil. Many of them, if not most, do heroic things every day to protect us, to calm us and to be there in our worst moments. I want to always write about their humanity and the fact they are not perfect, but I also want to show how they overcome their foibles and win the day. They might be as afraid as the rest of us, but they show up for us anyway, over and over again.

If public opinion about these people is a scale, I want to add something good on that side to offset the terrible treatment they’ve been getting in books, TV and movies for a very long time.
Mostly I want to use my gifts and talents to their fullest Everybody is born with their own unique set of skills and wiring and mine happens to be storytelling. Add to that the impact that shows like The Twilight Zone and others have had on me through the years and you see that what I am writing about is a perfect canvas for me.

This story will take you on an adventure and it will be an adventure of truth-the search for it and the change that comes when we discover it.