Author James Parker


Dark Side of the Cross

A disturbingly successful string of thefts of ancient, religious artifacts from Catholic churches in the New England area has left police baffled. Then a priest gets a call from one of the thieves, offering the artifacts back for a considerable ransom. Acting as agents for the church, James MacBridan and the Hawthorne Group are called in by the archbishop to handle this most delicate situation.
The thief and MacBridan meet, but they are not alone. Something else has been waiting for them, something dark and terrifying. The simple exchange ends violently, leaving MacBridan unconscious and the thief brutally murdered. Although many of the artifacts are discovered, MacBridan sets off to find the most important of the missing artifacts, the Cross of St. Patrick. MacBridan finds himself up against an enemy more ruthless, more deadly than he has ever faced before.
The body count and the terror continue to rise the closer he gets, all in a place where no one is who they appear to be. In James Parker’s The Dark Side of the Cross, MacBridan finds that in order to survive he will have to lean on a faith that he has long since cast aside.

Relic of Darkness

An attempted theft to steal one of the paintings from the MacKinnon family art collection is foiled by James MacBridan and his team from the Hawthorne Group. It is an especially proud moment for them when they discover that one of the top art thieves in the world is behind it. But then, the whole thing takes a very strange turn when the pilfered painting in question turns out to be a worthless family heirloom that no one wants. Who would risk jail, and even life and limb, to take part in such a dangerous venture?
MacBridan, and his associate Cori, are assigned to accompany and protect the collection on its trip across the sea and deliver it back to the MacKinnon ancestral estate. This seemingly innocuous and otherwise innocent task quickly turns violent, and the body count starts to rise. They soon discover that an ancient and malignant evil has been awaiting them in the Scottish highlands, an evil that has haunted the MacKinnon clan for generations.
MacBridan’s return in Relic of Darkness pits him against an adversary as old as it is deadly. Unsure of who can be trusted, MacBridan and Cori struggle to fight a mysterious enemy they do not understand in a place where superstition trumps reality. As the evil surrounding them grows more intense, they find themselves in a race against the forces of darkness where second place is rewarded with death and spiritual damnation.